Candor Lions Club

The Town of Candor was chartered in 1891. Prior to this the “town” was known as “Cabin Creek” and later as “Lamond’s Old Field”. The south corner of this field was a burial ground, where First Bank now stands. The first settler was Kinch Chisholm.

The Post Office was established August 19, 1873. The name was then “Cabin Creek”. It was located over near R. Neil Lamonds. Twelve years later it was moved to the present location of Candor. In April, 1976, a new Post Office was constructed at the Candor Shopping Center on the north side of town. The first Postmaster was Daniel McAuley and the present Postmistress is Charlotte Garner.
There is no written document known that tells where the name “Candor” was decided for the town. Old folks tell that Mr. Elsie Shamburger, Mr. A. B. McCaskill and Mr. Samuel Parsons agreed on the name “Candor”. No one knows why it was so named.

The present population of Candor is 853. Candor is known as the “Peach Town” and the first annual Peach Festival was held on July 19, 1997. It is sponsored by the Town of Candor and North Carolina Peach Grower’s Association and will be held on the third Saturday in July every year.

The Candor Lions Club meets the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays 7:00pm at the Candor Lions Building, School Street. The Club was charted January 12, 1944.


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