The Jack Stickley Fellowship

The Highest Honor bestowed by the North Carolina Lions

The Jack Stickley Fellowship is an honored and cherished award given to its recipient. While honoring a special person, it also helps North Carolina Lions provide more services to those in need.  This recognition program is available to everyone. Lions and non-Lions may become a Jack Stickley Fellow. It can be presented by individuals, clubs, employers, family members, or bought personally. It is ideal to recognize accomplishments, service, friendship, memorials, honorariums, or any special occasion.

All Fellowship funds are placed in an endowment with only the interest being used by the North Carolina Lions Foundation. The long-term goal is to generate enough money in the Fellowship endowment for the interest to pay all of the Foundation’s administration costs. This will allow every dollar raised by the Lions to be spent on services for the blind, visually and hearing impaired.

The Fellowship is available for a contribution for $500 or more and may be made in installments of not less than $100. Payments may be made by most major credit cards. The Jack Stickley Fellowship will be presented after the final payment.

The recipient will receive a letter from the President of the North Carolina Lions, Inc, a numbered personalized plaque, a Stickley Fellow pin, and a numbered wallet identification card. The recipient’s name will be placed on an honor roll in the Stickley Building located on the campus of Camp Dogwood.

Progressive Fellowships are available for additional payments of $500.

Stickley Fellows will be recognized and honored at Lions functions.

The North Carolina Lions, Inc. is a non-profit organization as defined in section 501C3 of the IRS code.

Jack Stickley Application



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