North Carolina Lions, Incorporated makes available many types of aid for visually handicapped persons. Under normal conditions, the request for aid should come through the county social worker for the blind. The social worker can be located by calling the county department of Social Services. The following kinds of aid are available.

  1. Canes– White Canes of three types are available for blind persons.
    • The aluminum non-folding cane in lengths of 40” to 56.”
    • The wooden non-folding support canes in lengths of 34” to 42.”
    • The folding canes in lengths varying from 40” to 56.”The social worker plays a very important role in this service. The worker has the proper forms for making the request. The worker can determine the correct length cane needed by the blind person and can arrange for mobility instruction if needed.
  2. Educational Grants – Any high school senior who is the child of a blind
    parent may apply for aid in continuing their education. Education Grant applications and information may be obtained from the District Sight Conservation Chairman, the NCLI Office, or Social Workers for the blind.
  3. Camp Dogwood – Any blind person is eligible to attend Camp Dogwood during the summer. The fee may be paid by the blind person, a Lions Club, or any outside organization. Complete information and applications are available from the Camp Dogwood Chairman, Camp Dogwood, or the NCLI Office.
  4. Emergency Aid– Emergency aid may include medical aid, food, fuel, clothing, rent or any one of dozens of other human needs which must be met. Any Lion who knows of a blind person who needs type of emergency aid should first attempt to contact the county social worker for the blind. If this contact cannot be made, call the NC Division of Services for the Blind at 919-733-9822. After all attempts to obtain aid from the state have been exhausted without meeting the need, call the North Carolina Lions, Inc. at 828-478-2135 or toll free at 1-800-662-7401. Policy calls for the NCLI to become involved where the State has to leave off. NCLI aid is available through the Matching Fund Program on a matching basis with local Lions Clubs. To obtain this emergency aid, the local Lions Club should proceed as follows:
    • Investigate the request and determine that an unmet need exists which cannot be met with State funds.
    • Determine the amount of financial aid the Club can provide.
    • Complete the proper form for requesting matching funds.
    • Send the request form, any invoices, and your club check for ½ the amount of the invoice to the NCLI, PO Box 39, Sherrills Ford, NC 28673.


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