1. What are your goals to accomplish this year?

2. How do you plan to accomplish your goals?

3. What do you feel is the current status of your Club compared to other Clubs in your District?

4. What are the most important three items needed to be done by the Club? Where are the trouble spots?

5. What are your plans for visiting other Clubs?

6. How do you communicate with your Club, Zone Chair, District, and International?

7. How often do you plan to communicate?

8. How do you plan to motivate your Club to accomplish?

a. Better organization.

b. Retention of members -new and long time.

c. A membership increase.

d. Recognition of working Lions.

e. Participation in District functions.

f. Induction, orientation and training of new members.

g. Use of Lion speakers so members better understand Lion programs and projects.

h. A spirit of belonging, fellowship, enthusiasm, and accomplishment of service.

I. A major fund raising project.

j. A major service project.

k. Insuring that Club Officers and Chairs understand their duties and responsibilities.

l. Insuring that you’re President, Secretary and Club earn 100% Awards.


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