1. Organize a youth forum or town hall meeting to highlight topics that youth have identified as critical community issues.

2. Offer a back-to-school health or community fair in conjunction with a local school district. Work with local healthcare providers to offer free screenings at the health fair, including physical, dental and hearing exams, in addition to free immunizations.

3. Provide safety identification for children and youth with serious chronic illnesses (medical bracelets or necklaces, etc.).

4. Organize a book or board game drive for a community center, children’s after-school center, hospital facility or school library.

5. Supply Braille and large print books for children who are blind or visually impaired.

6. Sponsor an activity day for individuals with developmental disabilities.

7. Prepare and send care packages to military personnel.

8. Remodel a children’s center or school room: paint, repair and landscape.

9. Assemble and provide care packages for homeless shelters or other facilities.

10. Make baby supply kits for newborns in need.

11. Assist at camps serving children with special needs.

12. Refurbish used bicycles for children.

13. Organize a highway or park clean-up.

14. Provide safe soft teddy bear toys (no small, removable parts) to local emergency service professionals for presentation to children during an emergency.

15. Donate supplies for orphanages, foster children or other children and youth in need.

16. Collect and donate supplies to a local school.

17. Tutor at an after school program.

18. Paint a playground.

19. Volunteer at a senior citizen’s home.

20. Clean and repair a community center.



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