2011 “Roar at the Rock” – ROCKINGHAM LIONS CLUB

Trophies at the awards table (Lions left to right, Winfred Pence, Harvey Auman, Keri Cook, and Neal Hicks)

Karen, the manager of Fatz, President Melissa, and this years Best in Show winner, Brandon Freeman for his 1968 Mustang.
Lion Winfred Pence and his wife keeping an eye on the kids at the giant Tigger bouncey house.

This year’s Car Show, “Roar at the Rock”, was great fun.  Our club was able to make ourselves visible in the community, raise money to assist with service the VIPs in our area, as well as have fun.  This year not only did we have a wide variety of vehicles entered in the show we also have a talented group of students from our local high school that we invited to show off their accomplishments from the school year.  The metals technology class of Richmond Senior High School took on the challenge of designing and building their own electric cars during the course of this past year.  They had previously visited our club to tell us about this project and showed us a little of what they had accomplished before they really put them to the test on the go.  At the car show the students entertained us and amazed us as they drove their creations quietly around the lot drawing the attention of the entrants and spectators alike. Just as these students intend for this project to become an annual part of the metals technology program, we are excited about how our annual car show is growing and look forward to the next one.  Hope to see you, our fellow Lions next year.

Melissa A. Ewing


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