10 Governors in Area E-1 in 2010-2011 MEMBERSHIP

It was my great pleasure having the opportunity to work with many of you last year. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts as District Governors in 2010-2011. We stressed membership/recruiting/training/extension and all that stuff all year long probably to the point some of you were tired of hearing it. However you know and I know we must find the best ways to improve in how we pursue membership and how we maintain members. I am happy so many of you have stepped up in positions of leadership especially as GLT and GMT Coordinators this year to help us with membership/retention problems. I’m sure you feel as I do_it is a great honor to have served as District Governor, and now your commitment should be to step up and be a great asset to your present and future District Governors. Spread around cheer, joy, motivation, and encouragement to every Lion you meet in your District and Multiple District.

Now the real reason for this email is to recognize the top 10 leaders in the membership category in Constitional Area E-1 representing the seven Southern States in 2010-2011.

#1 Gwen A. White              31-J NC with  +79 (2 new clubs)

#2 Joseph S. Powell          34-A AL with  +74 (4 new clubs)

#3 Jesse J. Powell             18-B GA with +20 (2 new clubs)

#4 Carol A Rhines              12-O TN with +05 (3 new clubs)

#5 Brian R. P’Pool              32-C SC with -03 (1 new club)

#6 Scott Warren                  18-A Ga with -05 (1 new club)

#7 Jerry L. Thomas             31-F NC with -11 (1 new club)

#8 Billy J. Womack             31-D NC with -14 (1 new club)

#9 Robert R. Sprinkle         31-B NC with  -33 (0 new clubs)

#10 James A. Palmer         32-B SC with -39  (0 new clubs)

Everyone should send IPDG Gwen and IPDG Joe a short email to congratulate them on being the Leader and Runnerup in Membership last fiscal year.

Good luck to all and look forward to seeing you somewhere in the future


PCC Carl 

PCC Carl Harrell, GMT Area Team Leader
234 Sportsman Drive
Welaka, FL 32193
Home 386-467-2595
Cell 904-868-9683
Fax 888-234-8858


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