An investment with impact.

Each dog we place with a blind child costs approximately $60,000 to purchase and to provide training for the recipient. It is our hope to bring together as many of these amazing dogs and children as possible. To help us implement our goals, you can now purchase shares toward making this vision a reality!

Purchase price per share is $1000 per 1/60th of a guide dog. For your contribution, you will receive a personalized Stock Certificate signed by Devon and a 10” Devon Plushie that is perfect for sharing with a special child in your life. As always, we will gladly provide a tax receipt for your records.

  • $40,000 covers the cost of  a guide dog purchase
  • $4,000 covers the cost of air transportation for candidate and family to Canada for Assessment and Pairing with a guide dog
  • $500 covers the cost of dog food for a year
  • $350 buys dog harness with engraved donation plaque
  • $500 covers the cost of grooming and bathing a guide dog for a year
  • $800 covers the cost of veterinary care for one year
  • $75 buys a leash
  • $900 buys a GPS System
  • $400 buys a Book Reader for a student
  • $100 – $1,000 buys miscellaneous aids

112 N. Poplar Street
Aberdeen, NC 28315

tel 910-944-7757
fax 910-944-0410


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