Member Orientation

Lions Clubs International offers orientation materials for both new and long-term Lions.

The Orientation Guide (pdf) is a platform for Lion leaders when planning and conducting new member orientations. The first section gives training tips and suggestions. The second section provides reference materials and serves as a reproducible workbook for new members.

The Lions Orientation Refresher Series is beneficial for all Lions, even the most seasoned, active Lion. The series is designed to REFRESH members’ knowledge of Lions Clubs International, REVITALIZE their enthusiasm for helping those in need, RECONNECT them with their reasons for becoming a Lion and RENEW their commitment to membership development, extension and leadership initiatives.

The club president or membership chairperson can present each of the following five segments in the Lions Orientation Refresher Series at a club meeting or in a small group setting: 

We suggest that club officers either print the refresher series publications or copy selected sections of the Orientation Guide for club members’ use. We also encourage officers to use a Powerpoint or to show a DVD highlighting Lions work as a part of the orientation.

For more information, contact the Membership Operations Department


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