100th Anniversary Coin.

In honor of our 100th anniversary, the Sandy Springs Lions Club in Maryland proposed the minting of a commemorative coin as a way to celebrate our centennial and raise $8 million dollars for LCIF to aid the visually impaired, the disabled, youth and those affected by major disaster. Your help is needed to put the first Lions coin into circulation!
Show your dedication, commitment and participation by contacting your lawmaker today and receive a downloadable certificate of appreciation due to your congressional outreach.
Thank you to those Lions who have already contacted your member(s) of Congress. So far, we have 77 co-sponsors in the U.S. House of Representatives and 12 co-sponsors in the U.S. Senate. Our goal is to obtain 150 House co-sponsors and 25 Senate co-sponsors by this December!
Lions Take Action Today!
  • To find out if your Member of Congress is already a co-sponsor, visit www.lionsclubs.org/coin.
  • If your Member of Congress is not a co-sponsor:
  • Share the coin webpage with friends and neighbors on your website, Facebook or Twitter pages. Ask them to take action!
After contacting your lawmaker, be sure to share your experience with us by filling out the Commemorative Coin Report Back Form. Once you’ve completed the form, be sure to print out your Certificate of Appreciation.
For those of you who have already reached out, we’d like to again extend our thanks and appreciation. Please take a moment to tell us about your experience. Be sure to print the certificate upon completion.
With 375,000 Lions nationwide, we can send a message to Congress that Lions have a mighty roar and will be heard for another 100 years serving our communities.  

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