Lions, LCIF Providing Disaster Relief for Hurricane Irene Victims in U.S.

During the past week, several areas of the United States experienced widespread flooding and damage from Hurricane Irene. LCIF has awarded US$50,000 in emergency grants to districts in Puerto Rico, North Carolina and Massachusetts. Our members are using these grants for immediate disaster relief efforts.

Yesterday, Lions in New Bern, North Carolina helped serve 1,700 meals and provided vouchers for food and other supplies to victims. Lions in District 31-H have also distributed more than US$6,000 worth of cleaning supplies and relief kits. And today, LCIF Chairperson Sid Scruggs is visiting affected areas in North Carolina to assess immediate needs. “The problem is that the Noss River overflowed and there was water of 1.5 feet deep in homes,” says Sid. “Now that the water has rescinded some, there is still a lot of clean up left and people cannot drink the water.”

You can help support our relief efforts by making a dedicated donation to the “Hurricane Irene 2011″ fund.


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