Eastern India Lions Leadership Academy

We, the Lions of Eastern India, bring to you an invitation to visit http://www.leadersacademy.org – a website created for every lion member. It is aimed to serve as a platform where we can post, discuss and brainstorm different ideas and concepts.
It is intended to be a meeting place for all lions, from the comfort of your homes and offices.
Knowledge today is easily available. Choosing relevant and meaningful information is the challenge. This is what this website will try and do- give you relevant information accessed from various sources, and provide a bridge to the LCI website which, today, is indeed a wonderful storehouse. Most importantly, we shall encourage you to share your views, success stories and whatever else you may want to reach out to all fellow lions.
The strength of our organization is our network – lions in 206 countries who are creating miracles every day, those who are beacons of hope and those in whom the communities believe. Each in one’s own way is making a difference. Every experience could benefit not only those who receive our help, but even those lions who are looking for new ideas for service, fund raising, membership growth, leadership training and for running their clubs.
On this website, you shall see, read, listen and speak. Videos, presentations, e-books, webinars and discussion boards shall be our tools.
This would be a dynamic website offering resources which lions could use. These would be regularly updated and you too could contribute to its content. After all, we are in a world of wikipedia, way ahead of the capabilities of an encyclopedia.
We all have the same dream- a dream to make the world a better place. But if we can dream together, share the same dream, with our eyes wide open then the dream becomes a reality. Isn’t it a fact that if we exchanged a dollar between ourselves, we would still be left with just the same amount of money, but if we exchanged an idea, each one would have two of them and hence be richer?
Lions, we welcome you to be a part of this initiative and hope you will enjoy the experience. All you have to do is click on the link above. You would have to register the first time you log in. Should you have any queries or suggestions please contact Chairman A P Singh.
And please do share news of this website with your club members and any other lions you feel would be interested.

With best wishes

Leadership Academy Team


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