Program Pointers

Including an interesting program in your meeting will go a long way toward keeping members interested. Club programs can inform or entertain. They can enrich your members personally and professionally. There are many places to find good programs.
They include:
• Recipients of Club Service – Hearing from those who have benefited from club efforts is a great way to motivate members to continue their dedication to serving those in need.
• Local Community Leaders, such as a mayor, member of congress, chief of police, school superintendent, etc. – not only will your club benefit from their programs, but you will have the opportunity to introduce these influential people to your club.
• Local Business People, such as representatives from your members’
companies, the chamber of commerce, or convention and visitor’s bureau – programs from these diverse groups can offer variety.
• Cultural Organizations, such as museums, theaters and orchestras –
interesting and informative programs from these organizations
are a good way to add variety.
• Club Partners, such as LensCrafters, Special Olympics and Habitat for Humanity – programs from these groups help reinforce the importance and success of partnerships.
• District Committee Chairmen – Learn about the status of your district’s important projects to encourage club support.

When you schedule programs, intersperse topics for variety and consider timeliness. For example, a program about the district’s involvement in the Lions International Peace Poster Contest should be scheduled in advance of the deadline to purchase contest kits. Be sure to communicate to the speaker how much time he or she has for the program. It is also a good idea to let the speaker know about his or her audience so the presentation can be
tailored appropriately.

FIX IT FAST! Programs in a Pinch – Have a few programs ready that
can be put on quickly and easily in the event of a last minute cancellation. Some ideas for quick programs include: presenting the International Program video and discussing how your club is contributing to the association’s goals for the year, holding a membership recruitment “summit” and brainstorming creative ways your club can recruit new members, or having your public relations chairman report on the status of publicity efforts and your club’s perception in the community.You can also ask members if they have any “non-Lion” programs one of them would be willing to present at the last minute if requested. Keep a list of these “emergency” programs on hand and you’ll be prepared to act quickly.

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