September 11, 2001: Remembering How Lions Helped

Ten years later, the events of September 11 are etched in our memories. On that day, Lions mobilized to do what we do best: serve the needs of others. We provided immediate help and laid the foundation for long-term relief. Through the September 11 Disaster Relief Fund, Lions and Lions Clubs International Foundation mobilized US$3.2 million in grants and donations from around the world.

The impact of the relief fund was immense – Lions brought health, hope and healing to countless individuals. This was done through short-term financial assistance, job training, mentoring of children, assistance for disabled people, sponsorship of bereavement retreats and partnering with other not-for-profit groups. Lions purchased rescue tools, staffed a warehouse at Ground Zero to supply workers with needed equipment, provided a place for workers to sleep and to get warm in retrofitted shipping containers and established a communications network.

For a look at how Lions helped that day and later, read “Remembering September 11” in our current issue of LION Magazine.


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