Those Lions who have visited a number of Lions Club in their travels will tell us that, almost always, the difference between a good club and an, unsuccessful club is easy to detect. The difference is that a good club works to involve its members in Activities and Projects. Studies made by Lions Clubs International have shown that a good, successful Lions club almost always has six outstanding characteristics. These characteristics are, really the backbone of a successful club, because they provide the basis for the vigour and vitality that is so important to the fulfilment of the Club’s goals.

First, the cornerstone of a successful Club is a major Service Activity; that involves each and every member of the Club. The Activity must be one that is important to the people of the Community which the Club serves. Our success with the Activity will build Community support for, all our Programs and help to assure success for all our Activities.

Second, every successful Club sponsors a major Fund Raising Project, in which the Community can participate and to which the Community can contribute. This Project must be of value to the entire Community. And again, each and every member of the club should bear some degree of responsibility for establishing and organizing an effective Program.

Third, we must do everything possible to enhance the image of Lionism in our Community by keeping the Public well informed of Our Plans, Projects and Accomplishments. To do this, we must maintain friendly contacts with our Community’s Newspaper, Radio and Television Stations. In addition, we must wear our Lions Emblem Proudly and act as an Ambassador of Goodwill for both our Club and for Lions Clubs International.

Fourth, our Club meeting must be stimulating, informative and enjoyable. We should make sure that the Agenda for our meetings is followed as closely as possible. This is why it is necessary to plan meetings thoroughly before and to make sure that they always adjourn on time.

Fifth, each Lions club member should know that he is an important part of a Worldwide Organisation that is truly dedicated to Humanitarian Service. When possible, we should participate in Programs conducted at the Zone, Region, District, Multiple and International Level

And Sixth, to assure high membership retention, new members should immediately be oriented in the Club’s goals and be involved with them.


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