Five Things Every Club President Should Know Before Taking Office.

Think about your club. Can you remember some presidents
who did the job really well? What about the ones who didn’t
do it so well? Do you remember why he or she was ineffective?
Chances are, he or she didn’t embrace one or more of the following
five tips many Lions wish their club president knew.

Find Passion Points
Presidents who take the time to find out the individual passions
and hobbies of members often have a much better chance for
success. Every individual has a passion or desire. If you can determine
what it is and channel it into your club, that member
is more likely to follow your lead and make sure his or her
project is successful. Be supportive and compassionate to the
members in their personal endeavors and they will support
you. Always remember that they are volunteers, too.

Become a Servant Leader
It’s easy to get someone to follow you into a restaurant if you
are going to buy him a steak. It’s not easy to get someone to
give up a holiday weekend to work at a Lions’ project. To inspire
others to serve, club presidents must lead by example.
Members are watching how you conduct yourself, and taking
cues from you.

Never Take Sides
Listen to controversy and try to resolve it. Remain openminded
on all subjects, even if you do not agree.
Recognize Others
Everyone enjoys recognition. It does not have to be expensive
or elaborate. Print a member’s name in the bulletin for everyone
to see or give him or her a certificate for helping at a project.
Those recognized will work harder and their success will
help your success.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare
The more preparation done before becoming president means
more success during your presidency. The confidence attained
climbing the ranks and learning from others will show as you
lead the club through your year. Yes, YOUR year. No one else
can claim the victory or the agony of defeat. The buck will stop
with you. It’s also a year of tremendous personal growth. Enjoy
the ride.


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