Leos: Special Members of the Lions Family

I believe our clubs will prosper if we treat members like family, and we must
be extra attentive to very special members of our Lions family: Leos. We
must support and guide them, care about them and love them. The relationship
of Lions and Leos is like a friendship. We want the best for them and we
will respectfully work with them in service on an equal basis.
I am proud to be an honorary Leo, proud to be the “world’s oldest Leo,”
as I like to call myself. In Seattle at our international convention I was privileged
to speak at the Global Leo Conference and meet Leos from around the
world. Do you ever get a little down or discouraged about the state of the
world? Then spend some time with Leos. Their idealism is contagious. They
bring a fresh energy to every endeavor. They will refresh our service mission
as they grow into Lions.
It’s important we serve together with Leos and not tell them what to do.
We are equal partners in service. Let us be mindful about respecting Leos and
their ideas. Let us value their input and listen to what they say. We can mentor
them and model a life of service.
This year in my travels I hope to meet with as many Leos as possible. I
look forward to hearing their ideas and embracing their visions of service.
Lions Clubs International is supporting Leos in new and exciting ways.
We will have a Leo e-clubhouse. I plan to hold a Leo/Lion summit next June
at the international convention in Busan, Korea. Meanwhile, please believe
in Leos and continue to serve with them. They bring many gifts to our clubs
and communities and let’s continue to appreciate their presence.

Wing-Kun Tam
Lions Clubs International President


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