5 Reasons Why Old Men Rapping Will Help Your Social Media (A Case Study)

Posted by Vicki Flaugher on Sep 29, 2011 in 101 and Beyond: Social Media How-To, Featured This Week, Social Media and Advertising, Social Media and Marcom, Social Media and Public Relations (PR), Social Media Grab Bag
I don’t get marketing envy very often. This week, I got it BAD. It started with a harmless little g-chat and ended up with me laughing and crying with tears of amusement at a video of old men rapping. This marketing has it going on all over just about anything I’ve seen in awhile.

Here’s the 411:

I am a proud member of the Lions Club International. They are a service organization focusing on sight preservation and community service. I actually belong to the oldest continuous chartered Lions club in the world here in my home turf, Austin, TX – 96 years and counting!

I love the philanthropic work the Lions do but here’s their marketing problem – they are predominantly, in the US, populated by very retired old white men. Their membership has been in decline and their image is not modern. The worldwide picture is quite a bit more vibrant and diverse, but to say their brand needs an update is a severely polite understatement.

All that said, enter Exhibit A – Old Men Rapping:

Yo, once you’ve turned up your pacemaker, G, let’s break it down. There are some serious social media lessons you can take away from this example if you’re willing to do it. To help you get the creative juices flowing, here are the 5 reasons why old men rapping will help your social media:

Reason #1 – Demonstrates Honesty About the Problem

You don’t make a video with this type of self-deprecating humor without knowing the truth about your organization. It demonstrates an honest realization and recognition of the problems with the public perception. The video pokes fun and acknowledges that change needs to happen and that the organization is open to that – it’s real, it’s gritty, it’s honest. Honesty sells in social.

Reason #2 – Amplifies Values Through Demonstrative Proof

By including a variety of ages, races, and gender of the Lions membership in the video, it demonstrates that all are welcome. By showing pride in what they stand for by “thumping my Lion chest”, Lions everywhere can be proud of what they do. Community is everything in social (and the main focus of Lions), so living that value and demonstrating that is a total win.

Reason #3 – Articulates Benefits and Value Proposition Without Pitch

The video busts stereotypes but it goes beyond that. It communicates what Lions do. Planting trees in the park, collecting eyeglasses so the kiddies can see, making sandwiches at a food bank (I’m gonna mayonnaise you?…priceless!) .  All of these are service projects that both the public and Lions members have done and seen done. Selling your value prop without coming out with a pitchy elevator speech is perfectly suited to social.

Reason #4 – Facilitates Easy Sharing of Message

Video is easy to share. You can post it to Facebook, like it from within Youtube, you can sent the link easily via email, you can tweet it out, and you can view it on mobile devices. A frictionless sharing protocol is essential for getting a great message out. Instead of just writing a blog post or submitting a press release, they spent the time to make a video. *heavy sigh of marketing happiness*

Reason #5 – Fun, Fun, Fun (with a call to action)!

You see people laughing, making fun of themselves, using clever words, singing, dancing, and smiling. The obvious benefit of selling with humor is already well proven. But, buried in the heart of it all in the climax of the song is an obvious (yet strangely subtle) call to action – “Is it your time to put on the yellow vest?”. If my marketing head could explode, it would have!

Are You Doing This Stuff?

Corporate conversations can be hard, but they become easier with great stories. Often, as marketers, our biggest sales job occurs inside our organizations, not outside. Show this video (and the other equally amusing and fun videos on the same channel) to the powers that be in your company who are resisting social media. Play it for the execs who feel hesitant to be silly, fun, humorous. Have it blaring in your cubicle as they walk by. Tell them it’s market research. Find your version of old men rapping and play it out. And, yo, word to your mother!….

Vicki @Smartwoman Flaugher


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