Million Trees Campaign

Hopefully you are all enjoying the beautiful autumn weather that we have experienced lately.
As the trees begin to change color it’s time for each club in the district to be thinking about what your project will be for International President Tam’s Million Tree initiative will be.

Our own District Governor Denning Buchter has asked that District 31-f plant 1,000 trees.
Now is the time for each club in the district to plan it’s tree planting project. This is a great way to collaborate with other community groups and fulfill another district goal of a new community service project.

District Governor Buchter has asked me to coordinate this effort for the district. I would like to begin an on-line monthly dialogue with the clubs in the district that will include the following topics:
1. To share ideas about how clubs plan to meet the tree planting goal
2. To offer some suggestions for tree planting projects
3. To identify resources and community agencies that may be help to help in this effort
4. To update the club’s on the district’s progress in meeting the goal
5. To celebrate the successes of various clubs project results with photos and narratives

I look forward to hearing about all the great things your doing locally to meet this goal and also to providing a forum for you to ask questions as well as offer suggestions to other clubsi n our monthly newsletter. Please be sure that, in addition to communicating with me, you also have your secretary report the number of trees planted on your MMR. (There is a column for it on the monthly report). That is the official record of our progress in reaching DG Buchter goal of planting 1000 trees. That’s less than one tree per Lion in District 31-F. We can do this!!!

Now is a great time to be thinking about tree planting. Whether you designate a committee or have an individual now is a great time to plan your project. Note: Late winter is ideal tree planting time in North Carolina. You’ll be working with Lion’s around the world to improve our global environment. I’m looking forward to hearing from all of the clubs and sharing some of your thoughts next month.

Here’s your first helpful hint: Tree seedlings of various types are available from
There is a catalog available on line and they can also be contacted at 1-888-NC-TREES

Happy planting!
Char Wojcik
Western Harnett Lion’s Club
write to me at :


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