DG Lion Denning Buchter called the meeting to order.
Lion Robert Crossland gave the invocation.
1stVDG Randy Kirby led the Pledge of Allegiance.
CS Kaye Buchter confirmed that there was a quorum.
DG Denning Buchter welcomed everyone to the convention which was held at the Hampton Inn in Pinehurst. He introduced International Director Gary Anderson and his wife Cheryl and thanked them for coming to our convention. He also recognized PCC Harvey Whitley and his wife Diane, who will be future additions to the International Family.
PCC Charles Smith was appointed as Parliamentarian.
Motion was made by IPDG Lion Jerry Thomas to accept the minutes without being read. It was seconded by Lion Diane Westerbeek.
CT Tommy Tyler gave the financial report. PDG Brad Logsdon made a motion to accept the financial report and it was seconded by Lion Jack Stephens.
1stVDG Randy Kirby reviewed the convention agenda.
2ndVDG Vince Shimmoller remarked about the Webinars site on Lions Internationals Web Page. A Guiding Lion training can be seen on a Webinar on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:00 pm.
PDG Gary Steele spoke to us about the upcoming State Lions Convention coming up in Charlotte NC on May 17-20. Invited everyone to come and asked for any suggestions. He also let everyone know he had a promotions table set up for us to purchase Lions shirts, hats, etc.
NCLI President Stuart Wooten spoke about the piggy banks they were selling. You can fill the banks and use the money anyway your club wants to use it.

Old Business
IPDG Lion Jerry Thomas said all Grants have been closed out for the year including the Grant for the Habitat House.

New Business
DG Denning reported that the District Membership was minus 15 for the year and asked everyone to try and add at least one new member to their club this year.
DG Denning informed Lions that Lion Rena Shedrick- Marshall had to resign as Zone chair for Zone 4 because of personal reasons and Lion Melissa Ewing had accepted the Zone chair position for Zone 4.

The following reports were presented:
Zone 1-IPDG Jerry Thomas
Zone 2-Lion Ken Smith
Zone 3-Lion Layton Booker was not present and no report was given.
Zone 4-Lion Melissa Ewing
Zone 5-Lion Pete Albert Locklear
Zone 6-PDG Dutch Dine

Camp Dogwood Chair PDG Dutch Dine reminded us that we were asked to sell 3 books per member for this year. Only .027 books per member has been sold to date.

White Cane Chair Lion Diane Westerbeek reported we had met 32% of the Governors Goal for 2011-2012 so far. Advised we needed 8% or $6762 before December 31 to meet the December 31 goal. She advised she would love to come and talk with any club just to give her a call.

GLT Coordinator Brad Logsdon gave a report on GLT for the District.

GMT District Coordinator Gary Greene gave a report on what was going on in our district. Said we needed 100 members to get to 1250 for our district. He asked us to work on recruiting new members and new clubs.
PCC Gary Greene also said the Boys and Girls home were making picnic tables and selling them for $100.00 and if anyone was interested to please give him a call.

DG Denning announced that Lion Ken Smith would be one of 100 Lions going to the upcoming Senior Leadership Institute in Oak Brook, Illinois in November.
DG Denning Buchter gave closing remarks and reminded everyone of the next Cabinet meeting on Feb. 4, 2012 in Fayetteville at the Massey Hill Lions Club.

Lion Robert Crossland gave the benediction.
The meeting was adjourned.
Respectfully submitted
Kaye Buchter Cabinet Secretary


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