New LCI Directory

Dear Multiple District Officer, District Officer or Club Officers,
The printed version of the Lions Clubs International Directory has been replaced with a new web site (the Directory) that was released in late October.
The new online Directory provides a “Google-like” search capability that we hope will be useful to you in the work you do to lead our clubs and districts. The people, places and things referenced in the Directory will be updated hourly. Changes like a new club meeting location or the creation of a new district will be available to all officers almost immediately. Other features include:
Just type and we’ll find who or what you’re looking for –
Find Executive Officers, International Directors, Board Appointees, Past International Officers, Administrative Officers, International Secretaries, and Division Managers by name or title Find Council Chairpersons, Council Secretaries, Multiple District office staff, District Governors and Cabinet Secretaries by name or title by multiple district name or district name
by multiple district location or district location Find Lions clubs and Leo clubs by club name by club contact’s location
by club contact’s name (Advanced Search only)by meeting location by district Predictive typing (just like Google) guesses your search terms Search terms are highlighted in the results Most recent shared service activities are displayed for clubs
A new Contact button (small envelope) allows fellow Directory users a convenient way to contact you Advanced Search provides an alternative way to get more precise results The Contact button (small envelope) will forward the Directory user’s message, e-mail address and phone number. The text “This message was forwarded to you by Lions Club International on behalf of a user of the Lions Clubs International web site. Thank you in advance for your attention to this message.” will be displayed at the top of the message. To ensure that you receive these messages, it may be necessary to add to your e-mail “safe senders list”, or you may need to check your Spam or Junk Mail folder periodically. When responding to these messages via e-mail, insert the sender’s e-mail address. DO NOT click Reply to Sender.
Lions clubs will be able to showcase their service activities via the new web site. Clubs simply report their services activities and flag the activity as shared. The web site will automatically display the most recent service activity.
To open the Directory, click on the “Online Directory (Password Required)” link from the web site. Access to the Directory is controlled by your logon credentials. If you have already registered a user name and password for the WMMR web site, the same user name and password will be used to access the Directory.
If you are not a WMMR user and have not previously registered, you will need to register a user name and password to access the Directory. To register, click the “New User? Click here to register now” link from the Directory Logon page. You will be prompted to provide your LCI member number. You will then be prompted to provide other information to authenticate your identity. Your responses need to exactly match our LCI membership records.
Other Information Example Suggested response
Enter your home street address: 1234 Main Street Enter your address as it appears on your LION magazine label.
Enter your current club name: Oak Brook Burr Ridge or
Chicago Northwest Enter the official club name. Do not include the words “Lions” or “Club” or the abbreviation “L. C.”.
Enter your first and last name: Joseph Smith Enter your name as it appears on your LION magazine label.
Enter your spouse/adult companion’s name: Elizabeth or Elizabeth Smith Enter the name you provided to your club secretary.
Enter your home, business or cell phone number: 3122641212 or 1 22 61217900
Enter the phone number you provided to your club secretary.

You will then be able to register your unique user name and password. You will also select and respond to security questions that will be used in the event you forget your user name or password.
If you have any questions or experience any problems, please contact us at
Joe Schrepfer
Manager – Membership & Web Applications
Information Systems Department
Lions Clubs International
300 West 22nd Street
Oak Brook, Illinois 60523


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