Leadership Is Not About the Leader

As the owner of an international cargo company, I understand all the skills, resources and assets required to successfully compete in the marketplace and deliver goods on time. How it all comes together is the result of planning, communication and execution. It happens by design, not by accident. It takes many people working together. As the owner, I am the leader. But I understand that every employee is important. Every worker has a job to do. Everyone
on the payroll has a skill to contribute.
As president of Lions Clubs International, I lead 1.35 million Lions. But I understand that leadership is about ensuring the full participation and encouraging the enthusiasm of all Lions. Every Lion matters. We’ve been able to save millions from blindness, deliver food and water to multitudes of disaster victims and teach millions of youth life skills because Lions have believed in service and believed in the necessity of action.
It’s been said that a good leader inspires others with confidence in him while a great leader inspires others with confidence in themselves. This year I want club presidents to really step forward and inspire Lions to completely believe in themselves, to believe in the power of courage, commitment and action. I am asking Lions to step forward and take advantage of LCI’s many valuable leadership training tools. Our online Leadership Resource Center
can enhance the efforts of Lions leaders at the club, zone and district levels.
We must identify leaders among us in our Lions family and then they must cultivate their potential through training. This year I have been conducting many president-meets-the-presidents meetings. I want to listen to Lions, learn from you, motivate you and be
motivated by you. As your international president, I have the duty to support Lions of the world, to listen to your needs, to show you I care, to make your service easier and to help your dreams come true. That’s why I am meeting with presidents and why one of my themes is My Club, My Family.
If I am unable to visit your Lions family, I want you to know I believe in you and your capabilities as Lions. Together we can continue to change the lives of millions of people.

Wing-Kun Tam
Lions Clubs International President

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