Important Update: Eye Exams and Glasses to Adults on Medicaid.

Dear Club Presidents:

Changes have occurred in the two programs that have been providing eye exams and glasses to adults on Medicaid. Effective 10/01/11 the Medicaid program no longer provides financial coverage for routine eye exams and glasses for adults, only for children up to 20 years of age. Additionally, effective 11/01/11 the Division of Services for the Blind’s Medical Eye Care Program discontinued providing exam and glasses. As a result of these changes Lions Clubs are experiencing a dramatic increase in the number of requests for assistance.

The NC Lions Inc. budgeted $210,000 for Matching Funds for our Lions year ending 06/30/12. While there are funds available to meet current requests, we are concerned that these funds will be depleted before June 30th. A variety of options are being researched to determine how we can serve the greatest number of people. I is likely that some changes will need to be made in our Matching Funds Policy. These recommendations will be presented to the Board of Director at the February 2012 meeting.

In the meantime we ask your help by being diligent in your investigation and deliberation on the requests that you receive, being sure that any and all other available resources have been utilized. We will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available. Please share this information with your Club members.

Yours truly,

Stewart Wooten


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