Thanks to all the Clubs that have already contributed to White Cane for the year 2011-2012! That’s very important because NCLF starts using our funds beginning July 1. The Vision Van is on the road, matching funds are going out to many clubs, canes are being distributed, and campers have enjoyed their week at Camp this summer. These needs are continuous.

There are Clubs that have already met the Governor’s goal for the year and we especially thank them. This helped District F meet and exceed the 20% goal at the end of September. The report from November 17, 2011 has us at 38.6% , very close to the 40% goal for December 31st. However there are many Clubs in our District who have yet to contribute anything during this Lions year. Let’s all work to reach the goal for December which is 1.4% of our total or $1,137.

As I have been visiting Clubs I have been asking them to not wait until the end of the Lion’s year to send in their White Cane monies. If at all possible,
send some at various times during the year. This will greatly help NCLF keep all the services they fund going smoothly. This year’s budget is tight as others have been so all Clubs need to do their part.

If your Club would like a program about White Cane please contact me. If you would like a joint program from both me and Lion Dutch Dine who Chair of the Camp Dogwood Committee contact either one of us. We have been doing joint programs and they have been working out well.

Diane Westerbeek
District Chair White Cane.


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