Happy Holidays!

Thank you for all you do and plan to do for our district and world.

This district convention is now a memory. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Here’s a breakdown of how it went and what we have planned for the future.

How it went: We had an informal golf outing on Friday with a dozen players signed up. It was rainy and a bit cold, but it was one of the most fun rounds of golf I’ve ever played. Friday night we had an informal dinner in Pinehurst. The food looked great, but my date got lost (just a blonde moment, not a stroke or anything) so we didn’t get to eat. For Saturday’s convention we had a total of 87 people registered and pretty much everyone showed up. Breakfast was good and the general membership and cabinet meetings went smoothly and ran on time. Vince Shimmoller was elected first VDG and Ken Smith was elected 2nd VDG. The election of these individuals is a great step in the continued strong governance of the district. I, however, was elected district governor, which really makes me question the collective judgement of our membership. After a lunch of sandwiches and chips we had a town meeting with International Director Gary Anderson and then were entertained by guitarist David Tew. The pig pickin’ went well as there was enough food to feed a small army. ID Anderson was the keynote speaker, after which some awards were given out and most people went home. There was a 50/50 drawing and silent auction and the funds generated from these events were used to defray the cost of the convention. Overall the convention seems to have been a success.

What’s planned for the future: Every participant got a survey and the results are as follows. The one day format, the location, the informal golf outing and the non-formal atmosphere will be repeated next year. The only improvement that was agreed upon was moving the convention from November to January or February in order to not compete with that busy time of year.

I will suspend the In-Law jokes this month as Kaye and Denny move their things to Colorado. We miss them, but they will be back to finish out the Lion’s year.

Thank you for all of the wonderful work you have done over the last month. Lions make a difference in their communities and all over this world! I’m proud to be a part of it and proud to be associated with you. If you have any questions, concerns or ideas please contact me directly at:
Email: thomas_kirby@rocketmail.com Cell phone: 910-212-2066

1st VDG Randy Kirby 


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