Club Excellence Process Designed To Help Clubs Make Improvements

The Club Excellence Process is a four-step workshop process designed to help Lions clubs improve in areas of their choosing.
Each club participating in a CEP workshop would discuss service, communication, growth and involvement. Each workshop is led by a trained facilitator. Each participant receives a CEP Participant Workbook. The workbook is a great place for participants to record ideas about community needs, analyze the make-up and operation of their club, look up valuable resources and work on action plans to make a club stronger. Each Lion attending a CEP workshop will be completing several assignments under the guidance of the facilitator. A CEP workshop can be customized to your club’s needs. You can choose the format and setting of the workshop. CEP can be conducted in a single workshop. In this format, participants will progress through all four steps in one session. CEP can also be conducted as a series of four workshops. In this format, participants can take time learning one step per session. A club can hold a CEP workshop during club meetings, or a club can create a separate gathering (such as a retreat) for their workshop. A club may wish to be part of a multiclub workshop at a district convention. An application can be obtained through the Lions Clubs International website.
There must be a minimum of two club members participating in order to hold a workshop. Workshops can be held in one, half-day session that last four hours; or two workshops that last approximately two hours; or four workshops that are one hour in length. In order for a club to participate in the workshop, a CEP club coordinator must be appointed. The CEP facilitator will communicate with the club’s CEP coordinator. It would be the responsibility of the club CEP coordinator to pass along information on to the other club members attending the CEP workshop.
For more information about the Club Excellence Progress, you can visit the Lions Clubs International website at and navigate to the Member Center. An printable overview of the training program can be reviewed and downloaded.


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