A Year after Disaster, Lions in California Are Still There

Within hours of the massive gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno, California that touched off a major fire and destroyed more than 38 homes in September, 2010, Lions were volunteering at the relief center. They prepared meals for the firefighters, rescue workers, area residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged and volunteers and provided other assistance. They continued to help through the clean-up and as the community started to rebuild.

Now, 14 months later, Lions are the first group in the community to begin replanting trees. “The area here by the canyon was heavily forested, but all those trees were burned,” says Ken Ibarra, a member of the San Bruno Lions Club. “We are planting California black oak trees that are native to this area. We worked with a Lions member who is an arborist to select the kind of tree that would grow best and to help us plant them correctly.” Lions are also working with the city of San Bruno to assure that the trees will be properly cared for.

Rebuilding of the homes and community will continue for years, but Lions will still be there as will the trees they planted on a lovely fall day.

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