New LCI payment options are now available online!

Have you heard the news? WMMR, the online membership and service activity reporting system, is being
updated to better serve you. The updates are now available. These features will allow you to:
 View your club statements online from January, 2011 through the present time for a rolling 3 year period.
 Pay online with credit cards for on time payments.
 View your Semi-Annual Per-Capita invoices online for a rolling 3 year period.
 Review your monthly statements for payment and membership updates.
How will this new feature affect your club and the Association?
 View your statement online as soon as it becomes available and avoid postal delays.
 Pay your total statement balance timely and protect your Good Standing.
 Receive an emailed confirmation of your online payment.
 Go Green! Choose to stop receiving mailed statements starting October, 2011.
We are so excited to provide this service to you and trust you will use this feature to ensure your balances and
membership status is accurate. Contact us should you have questions on how to use this service. We can be
reached at: Help us protect your security and do not provide credit card
details in any written correspondence.
Best regards,
Melinda Plott
Manager of Accounts Receivable and Club Account Services
300 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523
TEL: 630-468-6878 FAX: 630-706-9232

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)
Q: Am I required to change the manner in which regular payments are sent?
A: No, it is not mandatory to pay online. This is an option offered to all club officers.
Q: Can I view payments not issued online?
A: Yes, non-online payments can be viewed on the end of month statements once they are available.
Q: When can I view my online statement?
A: Your online statement can be viewed after the 3rd or 4th business day following month-end close.
Q: Can District and Multiple District Statements be viewed and paid online?
A: District and Multiple District Statements are not yet available online at this time.

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