Senior Lions Leadership Institute

Dear GLT District Coordinator,

Quality leadership is critical to the future of Lions Clubs International. As the Global Leadership Team District Coordinator, I know you can appreciate the time, effort and energy an effective leader must dedicate to enhancing his or her knowledge and leadership skills.

As you are aware, we recently conducted the 2011-2012 Senior Lions Leadership Institute for Lions from Constitutional Area I & II – USA, Affiliates, Bermuda and The Bahamas and Canada. This institute took place in Oak Brook, Illinois, USA. Approximately one hundred enthusiastic Lions participated in this unique learning experience.

Lion James Kenneth Smith of Lillington Lions Club successfully completed this institute. This Lion participated in sessions designed to enhance knowledge of LCI fundamentals and membership programs, LCIF, and the benefits of diversity and mentoring. Additional sessions sharpened skills related to conflict resolution, creativity, project and change management, leading teams and communications. Throughout the institute, Lion Smith contributed to a steady exchange of ideas, challenges and successes.

As a key leader in your district, we encourage you to personally congratulate Lion Smith and to recognize the successful participation in this Senior Lions Leadership Institute. Of equal importance is the active engagement of enhanced knowledge and leadership skills. For the benefit of the district, club and for this institute graduate’s further leadership development, we offer the following suggested activities:

Report on Lions Leadership Institute experience at a club or zone meeting, or at a district convention
Share new knowledge by providing fellow Lions with training based on one of the Senior Lions Leadership Institute topics
Recruit a mentor to assist in further leadership development
Participate in public promotion of Lions Clubs International at a community event, with other service organizations or with the local media
Assume a leadership role or manage a club or district project
Introduce a prospective new member to Lions Clubs International

Through active participation in a Senior Lions Leadership Institute, Lion Smith has demonstrated a commitment to quality leadership. We hope you will encourage this Lion to use newly sharpened skills for the benefit of the club and district and to further leadership development by sharing this experience with others. It is this continual sharing of success that will allow us all to look forward to a bright future for Lions Clubs International.

Thank you and best wishes for continued success


Gudrun Bjort Yngvadottir, International Director

Chairperson, 2011-2012 Leadership Committee


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