Lions in Maryland Help the Environment with Rain Barrels

Conserving water and preventing pollution from contaminating water sources are problems that many Lions clubs are addressing. In Bowie, Maryland, a rain barrel project is also raising community awareness of the club.

“Rain barrels collect water that runs off roofs of houses,” says Karl Taschenberger, president of the Bowie Lions Club. “Homeowners can use water from the barrels for their gardens or lawns. This cuts down on water use and water bills. Barrels also prevent water runoff from picking up chemicals from lawns and carrying other pollutants into streams and ultimately into Chesapeake Bay.”

Lions adapt 55-gallon plastic barrels that have held food products and sell them at their local farmers market. This also gives them a chance to talk to community members about their club’s projects and activities.

“Any Lions club can start a rain barrel project,” says club member Carl Vettel. “All a club has to do is find a source for the barrels and parts and a place to sell them. They’re easy to construct and very easy to sell because they are such a benefit to the environment and homeowners.”

In this video, Lions explain how the barrels work and install one in a resident’s home.


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