Privilege of Leadership

The life blood of any Lions club comes from its members. Likewise a club cannot function well without the imagination and organization provided by its leaders. The success and livelihood of our Lions organization depends on members who are willing to step forward and take on the duties and responsibilities of leadership. That is why I want to encourage you to accept the challenge of Lion leadership. If you’re a leader in your club, then consider becoming a zone, district or state leader. It is a proven fact that 100% of all the Lions in our district hold the key to the success of their club, zone and district.
If you have considered or are considering leadership as a Lion, all you have to do is step forward. The opportunities are there. Your club, zone, district and state need you. You will be not only serving your community and persons in need, you will be serving many Lions who serve.
For those of you who would like to accept this challenge. I, along with other Lions and the International Association of Lions Clubs offer you support, training and assistance. If you accept a position as president, secretary, treasurer there is support available in our district to help you succeed. The same applies for positions in your zone or district.
If you are interested, but would first like to pursue training, your Lions organization and I can be of assistance. The Lions Learning Center (LLC) provides Lions with the opportunity to develop leadership skills through online learning courses.
Courses are categorized by four key skills: leadership, managing others, achieving results and communication. These courses typically take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. Call or email me and let’s get started.

By: Brad Logsdon
Global Leadership Team
910-692-7966 or


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