How to Recruit New Members at Your Lions Club Events

New Lions members bring enthusiasm, excitement, new ideas and another set of hands to help shape our communities. When we traveled to Texas and visited the Houston Royal Oaks Lions Club, a vibrant group that hosts free health fairs for the community, we wanted to know their secret to club growth.

The answer is that the Royal Oaks Lions Club makes recruiting part of every one of their events. At the health fair they had a membership booth where they answered questions, provided information and encouraged potential members to fill out a membership application. Here are a few ideas for recruiting new members at your next event:

Set up a table or station in a central location for recruiting.
Put information and photos from recent projects on a poster board. Show a Lions Club International video such as one of the new PSAs or segments from LQ – Lions Quarterly.
Distribute pamphlets or business cards with your meeting time and location, contact information and Web site address.
Supply membership pamphlets, membership applications and pens. Help people fill out the information and collect the application, then follow up with a phone call to invite them to your next meeting.
Even if interested event goers don’t fill out an application, invite them to a meeting. Ask them to come meet your fellow Lions.
Have fun! When people see how rewarding it is to be a Lion, they’ll want to participate, too.


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