Million Trees Campaign

Welcome to the mild North Carolina winter of 2012. This is the time of year I am reminded why my husband and I left the great Northeast! As the temperatures begin to rise it is a good time to be planning your club’s tree planting project.
The good news, in this regard, is that worldwide President Tam’s goal of planting one million tress throughout the globe has been exceeded many times over BUT to my knowledge no trees have been planted in District 31-F. We need to get busy to help DG Buchter reach his goal of 1,000 tress for 31-F.
If your club has planted trees you need to record this on your club’s monthly MMR-there is a line item for this on the report- and also let me know via e-mail what your club is planning or planting, as the case may be, so that your club gets the credit it deserves.
You will see information elsewhere in this newsletter regarding a program entitled “Fourth Grade Foresters” project. Your Lion’s club has the opportunity to contact a local elementary school and work on a project to provide seedlings to local fourth graders to be planted on North Carolina’s Arbor Day which is MARCH 16, 2012. Why not get involved in your local school, get the word out about all the great things Lion’s do in your community and complete a new service project at the same time! You might even get some new members out of this effort.
Another suggestion is to plant tree(s) as an honorarium for a member of your club or community and at the same time beautify the local environment.
As always write to me with your accomplishments, ideas and questions regarding The Million Tree Campaign. I hope to be able to report some numbers for District 31-F next month.
Til then be in touch and Happy Planting!

Char Wojcik
Western Harnett Lion’s Club
write to me at:


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