Dr. Denning Buchter, District Governor

As we begin the second half of our year together I would like to review the accomplishments that the district has done in the past six months. I commend all within the district for the countless hours of volunteering and bringing new faces into your Lion family.
According to records sent to International 22 of our 46 clubs have reported a total of 5629 volunteer hours raising $126,781 to assist those in need. I know that all activities have not been reported to international and we as a district have accomplished even more.
One of my goals was to have a net increase of one member per club, at the present 8 clubs have met this goal. Unfortunately even with the increase our overall membership has decreased by 31. At this time of year it is a good time to evaluate our clubs, reflect on the previous accomplishments and look ahead to your club’s future. Have you thought what your club will look like 10, 20, or even 30 years from now? Who will be there to provide the vital services your club offers to the community today?
You as lions of our district have contributed 45% of the total for White Cane $37,823.00. Thank you for all your contributions. At the present time 19 out of 46 clubs have contributed to White Cane. In like manner at the present time we have contributed $8,629.00 toward the Camp Dogwood raffle.
The District has sent one individual to the Senior Leadership Institute, applied to International competition for best newsletter and also best website. We had a peace poster winner-Morgan Schumacher from the Clarkton Lions Club.
January has been a busy month for the team, with many club visits, attending Zone meetings, sending out invoices for district dues to club secretaries, attending the meeting of Knights for the Blind. February will be equally busy with the third cabinet meeting on Saturday February 4th at the Massey Hill Lions Den in Fayetteville, attending Districts G,H, J Convention, Council Meeting, NCLI meeting, Zone meeting, and club visits.
Please pray for the many Lions in the district that are experiencing medical difficulties.

Denning Buchter


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