District Looks For Guiding Lions

Each club was founded by Lions who had a dream and wanted to make a difference. Guiding Lions work with new clubs to help show them how they can reach their dreams.

Guiding Lions are motivators who inspire club leaders by helping them realize the responsibilities, benefits and satisfaction that comes from Lions membership. They also serve as a trainer to show new Lion leaders how to effectively manage their club and to lead the club in a positive direction.

In District 31-F, 33 Lions have taken the Certified Guiding Lions course offered by Lions Clubs International. However, only 22 still hold a valid certification to serve in that role. Those certificates will expire in July, 2012. Guiding Lions are now required to retake the course every three years to maintain certification.

The course is designed to prepare a Lion to guide a new club through its first two years. New club officers will look toward their Guiding Lion for training and guidance to further build their clubs, and to serve a valuable resource for the district. The Guiding Lion works closely with the district leadership, the sponsoring club and the new club in which they are assigned.

When asked, the number one attribute is the ability of a Guiding Lion to attend meetings and be available when needed. They are expected to attend nearly all the club’s meetings for the first six months and ad as frequently as possible over the first two years.

Guiding Lions training can be in a classroom-delivered course or completing the training on your own. Either form of training takes approximately six to eight hours to complete.

For more information on becoming a Guiding Lion, visit the Lion’s website at http://www.lionsclubs.org and navigate to the member center. Feel free to contact me if you need more information, Brad Logsdon, District Global Leadership Chair, lion31f@gmail.com or 910-692-7966.


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