First thanks for all that has been contributed until this point in the year. Many Clubs have worked very hard at their fundraisers and are continuing to do so. Many communities have benefited from funds contributed to worthy causes in their area. We must also however help support NCL and their various entities.

The Humanitarian White Cane is the most important source of funds for the services and programs provided by the Lions of North Carolina. It provides funds for the following: Camp Dogwood (excluding maintenance), Matching Funds, Support and Mobility Canes, Educational Grants, Vision Van, Special Grants such as VIP Fishing tournament and Governor Morehead School, Organ and Tissue Procurement, and Public Information and Education.

A reminder that the Governor’s goal for this year is $84/ member. This is what the yearly budget for NCL is based on. This is what is needed to accomplish the funding of all of the above mentioned programs. This is a budget just like your personal, business or Club budget and funds are disbursed all through the year. So funds must come in in a timely manner.

Looking at the enclosed reports it is obvious that 31F is doing well but is not to the 75% suggested for the end of March. We now stand at 56.5% as of February 15. I know several clubs are having Fund Raisers in the near future and this is great. Let’s get rid of all those Clubs still at $0 on our District’s report.

All Clubs have priorities for their money but all Clubs should also attempt to do their share! After all, this is the core program that we support as Lions. Take a look at how your Club stacks up, set some reasonable goals, and together lets raise the monies needed to get to 100% by June 30 to provide for those less fortunate whom WE SERVE. A LOT STILL NEEDS TO BE DONE AND QUICKLY! Please encourage your Club to contribute in the push to the end.

Thank you for all you do,
Lion Diane Westerbeek
District 31F White Cane Chair



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