Fellow Lions, our annual Charities Dinner is moving along pretty nicely. There have been 176 tickets issued to members of the club for selling Please see the story in your bulletin about this project. The event will be our major fund raiser for this Lions year. Lions Woody and Jim are putting together the ticket sales campaign. If each Lion sells just ten tickets, we will have a sold out event this year and our profits will be in excess of $6,700. This is a lot of help for our blind and visually handicapped friends and other local charities we support. EVERYBODY BODY SELLS. SELL, SELL, SELL!

Our annual broom sale has been modified to become a year round event. With the year round results we have experienced over the past few years, your broom committee decided it would be best not to conduct a door to door drive and to put our efforts on establishing more permanent places to sell our brooms.

Attendance at our meetings has remained steady. When you see fellow Lions that you have not seen at a meeting, please tell them you have missed them in the den.

April is election of officers month. Nominations for officers for 2012-2013 will be presented at the March 21st meeting and published in the next newsletter. The election will be at the Business Meeting on April 19th. If you have a committee or position you would like to serve on for Lions year 2012-2013, please talk with president elect Sammy Cox.

Lions Jim Kirkland and myself attended the District 31-F cabinet meeting held in Fayetteville on February 4th. We learned about may new things going on in our distrcit as well as about the new Lions Knights of the Blind Chiritable Trust establised in District 31-F. You can read more about it in the newsletter.

Thanks to all the Lions who have continued to grow our club. Our membership is now at 30.

Fellow Lions the next two months will be really busy. Thank you for all your participation in the projects and events coming up. Remember, as busy as we are, or think we are, it’s still . . . . . .


Kenny Cox


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