Area Blind and Visually Impaired People Participated In A Shooting Competion

What do you call a Turkey Shoot held near Easter? A Bunny Shoot. And when the shooters are blind and visually impaired people it is a very special event indeed.

On March 26th three local non-profit organizations partnered to give area blind and visually impaired people the experience of shooting shotguns and competing for prizes in a Turkey Shoot. The three groups partnering to provide the opportunity were: The Western Harnett Lions Club; The Lee County Wildlife Club; and, The Vision Resource Center of the Cape Fear Region. The event was held at the Lee County Wildlife Club range. Approximately 12 blind or visually impaired people competed for prizes under the careful supervision and coaching of experienced shooters from the Wildlife Club and the Lions Club. Coaches worked one-on-one with each visually impaired shooter to ensure safety and helped shooters aim by voice instructions since they could not see the targets: aim a little to the right; aim a little higher; etc; fire! One of the rules was that when the gun went off, only the visually impaired person could be touching it. The shooters competed for chocolate rabbits, frozen hams, or a frozen turkey.

Most of the visually impaired shooters had never experienced firing a shotgun…and never thought they would get the opportunity. The shooters and their coaches had a wonderful day on the range sharing the joy of shooting and friendly competition with folks whose visual disability normally prevents them from participating in shooting sports. The Wildlife Club, The Lions Club, and The Vision Resource Center were committed to safely accomodating their needs to provide this unique opportunity.

Rick Foster
Western Harnett Lions Club
“We Serve”


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