Proposed changes to Matching Funds Policy

To: North Carolina Lions, Inc. Board of Directors
From: Steve L. Walker
Date: April, 4, 2012
Re: Proposed changes to Matching Funds Policy

Several changes were made to the Matching Funds Policy at our February Board Meeting. We have received feedback from a number of Lions Clubs concerning these changes. The most significant change was to require financial information on all requests. This change has unintentionally created a burden for the Clubs. It is the goal of the Matching Funds Committee to ensure that we are helping as many deserving individuals as possible with the resources that we have available. It was not to create a burden for the Clubs. Therefore the Matching Funds Committee is recommending that our policy be changed to
eliminate the requirement for completing the financial information on requests of less than $500.00. A copy of the proposed changes is included for your review. This will be presented at the May Board Meeting for your consideration.

ADOPTED 11-9-97
Amended 5-04
Amended 2-12-06
Amended 2-12-12
1. The purpose of the Matching Funds Program is to assist Lions Clubs in meeting the needs of blind or visually impaired individuals (not organizations) who have a financial need and all other means of assistance have been exhausted. This may include purchase of glasses and other sight related services even though the individual does not meet the State of North Carolina’s definition of legal visual impairment. Matching Funds are available for North Carolina residents only. An individual is considered a resident if he/she is in North Carolina voluntarily for at least three months with the intent to remain. The purpose of Matching Funds is not to pay for ongoing or recurring expenses such as contact lens or medications, etc. One-time emergency assistance is covered. Sight related requests are matched dollar for dollar.
2. Matching Funds are not available for Hearing Aids or Hearing Exams. Please refer to the Hearing Program Policy.
3. Matching Funds requests must be submitted within sixty days of invoice date. Exceptions may be approved by the Executive Committee. Clubs may request reimbursement for expenditures that total $50 or more per individual ($25 club/$25 NC
Lions, Inc.) to qualify for matching funds.
4. A request for any amount of $500 ($250 club/$250 NC Lions, Inc.) or more requires the approval of the Executive Committee of the NC Lions, Inc.
5. The following items must be received before a matching funds request may be processed:
a) Matching Fund Request Form, including financial information for every request requests of $500 ($250 club/$250 NC Lions, Inc.) or more, signed by a Club Representative.
b) Club check for their portion made payable to NC Lions, Inc.
c) Invoice from the provider.
d) Any request for equipment costing $500 or more must be accompanied by a statement that the person has been evaluated by a professional not associated with the supplier, verifying that the equipment is the type needed by the recipient.
e) Request for eye exams and glasses requiring matching funds in excess of $100.00 will require approval by the Executive Committee.
6. Incomplete forms cannot be processed and will be returned.
7. If assistance is needed immediately, or when unusual circumstances make it impossible to follow normal procedures, please call 1-800-662-7401 for assistance.
8. A separate form must be submitted for each service provider.
ADOPTED 11-9-97
Amended 5-04
Amended 2-12-06
Amended 2-12-12
9. Maximum limits per service on matching funds are:
a) Medically related services and products $2,500 ($1250 Club/$1250 NC Lions, Inc.)
b) Other goods and services $1,500 ($750 Club/$750 NC Lions, Inc.)
c) Eye Exams and Glasses $ 200 ($100 Club/$100 NC Lions, Inc.)
d) Prosthetic eye $1,200 (S600 Club/$600 NC Lions, Inc.)
10. An individual, if approved, shall receive no more than a maximum of $2,500 ($1250 Club/$1250 NC Lions, Inc.) during the Lions fiscal year.

North Carolina Lions, Inc.
7050 Camp Dogwood Drive
PO Box 39
Sherrills Ford, NC 28673


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