President’s Service Blog: Royal Peace Poster Presentation, England

Helping young people reach their full potential is both a heavy burden and joyous process that all Lions must undertake. When I visited London and met the MD105 Peace Poster Contest winner, it was clear to me that when we ask children to draw their vision of peace, we’re encouraging them to imagine a better world.
Kate Saunders, 12, shared her poster with me and explained that her brother, Tom, served as the model for the drawing. We were joined by Her Royal Highness Sophie the Countess of Wessex, who is Patron of the Lions of the British Isles, who is in my right in the photograph.
Kate’s artistic ability is stunning. It fills me with pride to know that she’s just one of 350,000 kids around the globe who participate in the contest each year. Through the Peace Poster Contest, which is now in its 25th year, Lions Clubs International encourages countless children to take a moment and think about what a world of peace would look like. I believe that when we urge children to think about a better world, we help the next generation’s leaders develop a pathway to peace.

by wingkuntam.


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