April Message from Wing-Kun Tam, International President

Dear Lions,

We all know that maintaining the positive membership momentum that Lions Clubs International has achieved over the past few years will require bringing more women into our Lions clubs. But doubling the number of women in your club this year – is that possible?

Yes, it is and in the latest edition of Family and Women’s News, First Vice District Governor Karen Sell, District 21 B, Tucson, Arizona, USA, offers no fewer than 50 dynamic and effective strategies for doing just that. Number one on her list may be the simplest and most effective:

“Ask every woman to bring in one more woman. They already know women – sisters, friends, neighbors, co-workers, daughters – who would be great Lions.”

Doubling the number of women in your club is not only possible, it is desirable. The women of your club bring a level of talent, dedication and compassion available from no other source. Adding to their numbers can propel your club toward a new level of service toward your community and the world – and that is what a Lions club is all about.

I am strongly encouraged by the infusion of female talent and enthusiasm that women Lions of District 411A, Nairobi, Kenya, are bringing to bear on the needs of their communities. At a ceremony in October, 2011, it was my privilege to personally accept the charter applications from two new Lions clubs to be made up entirely of women and to formally induct 15 new women members into existing Lions clubs, for a total of 65 new, dynamic women members joining our family.

Increasing the number of women in our clubs is a part of the larger My Club, My Family effort. When members invite spouses, sons and daughters living in the same household to join their Lions club, those family members will pay no entrance fee and pay only half of the international dues. Clubs can get the youngest family members involved and develop future Lion leaders by sponsoring a Lions Family Cub Program or Leo club.

Thank you for all you do.


Wing-Kun Tam
International President


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