Earth Day is April 22nd

April is the beginning of the growing season in many parts of the world and a perfect time to add to our spectacular success in the Million Tree Planting Campaign. Checking the map at the LCI Web site will show that Lions in 98 countries have contributed to the campaign’s great success. I am always inspired by the ingenuity and dedication on display in the photos and stories accessible there.

Planting saplings that will grow into sturdy trees is also a reminder that no living thing thrives without proper nurturing. Be sure to nurture the new members of your club by providing an effective orientation and involving them in the Lions Mentoring Program as soon as possible.

April 22 is also the worldwide celebration of Earth Day and the scheduled date for the Protecting Our Environment Global Service Action Campaign. It is not too late to join this global effort! The LCI Web site offers a planning guide and project ideas to help get your club involved. Many of these ideas can be implemented quickly but will pay big rewards for your community. They may also pay big rewards for your club through the positive media attention they may attract.

Wing-Kun Tam
International President


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