Million Trees Campaign

As I write this article the Lion’s Year is coming to an end and so is International President Tam’s Million Trees Campaign. I am proud to be part of Lions International and the fact that in response to President Tam’s goal of planting one million trees our fellow Lions have planted more than NINE million trees thoughout the world. That is quite an accomplishment!
North Carolina Lions have contributed to that number including Lions in 31-F. If your club has been involved in a tree planting project please get your numbers included in the total count, and even if your club did not choose to participate in this project, if you have planted any trees to honor a new baby, graduate, special birthday or for any other purpose let your club secretary know so your efforts can be included in the total number of trees that have been planted in our district.
This will be my last article related to the Million Trees Campaign. I have enjoyed helping DG Denny Buchter reach his goal. Thanks to all of you who chose to support, either through your club or individually, the Million Trees Campaign.
Happy planting!

Char Wojcik
District 31-F Million Trees Campaign
Western Harnett Lions Club


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