MINUTES – 4th Cabinet Meeting 5/20/12

Meeting was called to order by DG Denning Buchter. DG Elect Randy Kirby led the pledge of allegiance. Prayer was given by District Treasurer, Tommy Tyler. Cabinet Secretary Kaye Buchter advised there was a quorum.
DG Denning welcomed everyone to the fourth cabinet meeting.
Ron Kelly was appointed Parliamentarian.
Lion Jerry Thomas made a motion to dispense with reading the minutes. Charles Smith seconded.
Tommy Tyler gave a short finance report. Lion Gary Green said it was good that we had so much left in our account.
Any old business. None
Any new business. None
Jerry Thomas thanked DG Denny for all the work that he has done for the District this year. Denny thanked everyone for all the help they gave him this year.
DG Denny turned the meeting over to incoming District Governor Randy Kirby.

Randy thanked everyone for everything that everyone has done for Lions this year and in the past. His focus for next year is a lot of the things DG Denny started this year. He said our district is in great shape financially. His motto is “ Your Club Your Focus”, for his Governor year.
Hopes the clubs will do a community assessment. What does it want or need and how can your club become more relevant to the needs of the community.
The District level is looking to simplify things. The hope is to change the name of White Cane to Lions Humanitarian Service at the state level.
DGE Randy wants to make an amendment to the bylaws.
Ron Kelly requested that they publish the amendment in the District newsletter.
Ron asked DG Denny about the governor’s goals this year. 9 have met the positive one member goal.
DG Denny said we are low in White Cane but said our district is a rural area and money is tight. Wished we could have more but is thankful for what we have got.
We were recognized by international for our website. The district is being considered for an award for our website and newsletter.
It was recommended that more emphasis be placed on clubs to send in their activity reports so International can have a more accurate accounting of the districts activities.
Ron Kelly said international dues are going up $1.00 but the $2.00 for promotions is being eliminated on June 30, 2012. Gary Green requested for anyone to join our rebuilding team that could. Gary told they needed guiding lions to help with a new club especially in the Fayetteville area. They can get guiding lion training on the International website.
DGE Kirby stated that White Cane/Humanitarian kickoff will be in Aberdeen along with Secretary, Treasurer, and President training.
DG Buchter adjourned the meeting.

Yours in Lionism

Kaye Buchter
District Secretary


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