Dr. Margaret Chan Wows as the Keynote Plenary Session Speaker

The Plenary Sessions at our international convention always include rousing entertainment and riveting speakers. This year, thousands of Lions were inspired and entertained by keynote speaker Margaret Chan, MD, the Director-General of the World Health Organization.

Dr. Chan spoke about the importance of our continuing partnership with the WHO, which includes work in blindness prevention, care for people with visual and hearing impairments, diabetes awareness and early detection and screening for cancers. Dr. Chan cited the fact that visual impairments have dropped globally by 10 percent in the past six years, in part because of the work Lions do to prevent blindness. With a new memorandum of understanding extending our partnership for five more years, Dr. Chan said she looks forward to partnering with Lions to create even greater improvement in global health care.

Dr. Chan ended her speech by paying homage to our “Rockin’ the Vest” Rap video and delivering a creative and motivating rap that revved up the assembled Lions and Leos:

“I am speaking to a vast / posse of yellow vests

rappin’ if you hafto / to get the message out

Dressed to impress / in your yellow vests

Get the bad guys / save the eyes

Watch out, cataract / under attack

The lion sleeps tonight? / never

No time to rest / in your yellow vests

Forget the ‘me’ / it’s ‘we’

Planting a million trees

Giving glasses to the kiddies / see?

Helping WHO / turn on the lights

Insight / foresight / all right!

Blind from bug bites? / No more!

I hear a roar / philanthropic to the core!”


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