Lions Work to Increase Literacy in Our Communities

Education and literacy are crucial to helping our neighbors and communities grow. They’re the keys to overcoming poverty, disease and other social issues. As children’s book author Dr. Seuss wrote, “The more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”

But today, nearly one billion people worldwide are illiterate. Through the Reading Action Program campaign, Lions across the globe are joining together to increase literacy and make a real impact. You can address this issue in your area by planning community projects that help children and adults learn to read.

Here are a few simple ideas to get started in your area today:
Read to children at a local library or after-school program.
Hold a monthly reading challenge for children at your library (for example, encourage them to read a designated number of minutes every month to win a prize)
Donate computers or other technology for learning at a local school, community center or library.
Distribute large print and audio books to local senior centers.
Provide assistive devices to children or adults who have low vision
Organize a book exchange.
Organize a community event to celebrate International Literacy Day, held during September, to raise awareness about the importance of reading.


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