Over the weekend of Sept. 13-15 I attended the USA/Canada Leadership Forum in Tampa, FL. It was a very interesting and educational experience. I went there with an open mind and Several Things Fell In”. I had the opportunity to listen and visit with International President Wayne Madden and several of the Past Presidents and International Directors. As you know President Madden’s theme this year is In a World of Service. He mentioned that in the US there are over 1 million people that go hungry every day and the Lions “In a World of Service” have the opportunity to help feed those that hunger by helping at a soup kitchen or bringing meals to those in need. Also the Lions Club International partners with a program called Stop Hunger Now which packages food for children in 3rd world countries. District 31F is planning a District wide project to pack 10,000 meals at our next District Cabinet meeting on Nov. 3, 2012 in Sanford at the Lions club meeting place. In the US it is estimated that 1 out of 7 people are either illiterate or are severely limited in their ability to read. In a World of Service the Lions have chance to make a difference by volunteering at an after school program to read to children or to volunteer at a library to read to folks that have trouble reading.
President Madden pointed out that the Lions lose about 1 in 4 new members within 2 years after a member joins the Lions. If we could reduce this to a loss of 1 out of 5 we would not be declining in membership. In order to help turn this around we as existing members need to take a greater personal interest in the new members when they come on board. We need to learn something about them, invite them to become involved and show them that they are a real asset to the club.
Reminders about a couple of items that you can volunteer and work in a World of Service.
1. It is not to late to sign up to volunteer for the Visually Impaired Fishing Tournament to be held at the Outer Banks on October 14-17, 2012. If interested go to the nclionsinc.org website or call Gwen White at 252-441-4966 or email at whiteink1@earthlink.net
2. Attend the next District 31F Cabinet meeting on Nov. 3 beginning at 9 am at the Sanford Lions Den, 505 N.7th St. Immediately following the meeting (around 11:30) we will be packing 10,000 meals as part of the Stop Hunger Now program. Come for the meeting and event or just come for the service project.
3. Mark your calendar for the District 31F convention on Feb. 2, 2013 at the Hampton Inn Suites in Southern Pines.

Vince Schimmoller – 1st VDG


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