DG November Message

“I’m so blessed!” Those were the first words she spoke. She was a twelve year old, blind from birth, and born with difficulties that most of us cannot begin to comprehend. But something special had happened to her. In a word, it was the Lions. She was a participant in the 2012 Visually Impaired Persons Fishing Tournament at the Outer Banks. She had caught the largest fish for the tournament and she was truly blessed… through you.

It’s exciting times here in district 31F. We have exciting events coming up, and we’re breaking the mold and trying new things. First we have a cabinet meeting on November 3rd in the Sanford Lions Den. Not exciting you say? Well, immediately following that meeting we will break the mold and have a new event. In conjunction with Stop Hunger Now we will package 10,000 meals for world wide hunger relief in about two hours. It is an exciting, hands on event that we don’t want to limit to ourselves. Please join us and bring your spouse, friends, children and potential recruits. Let’s share the opportunity of service. After that in February 2013 we will have our district convention. We have already broken the mold by taking the convention down to a one day event and eliminating the formal dinner. This year we will continue our tradition of breaking new ground by having a district convention that focuses on you. Instead of inviting an international director, we will have interactive seminars that are designed to enhance your Lions experience. The cost will be low in both time and money, and the focus will be on you! Please attend if you are interested and able.
Since I last wrote about visits I have had the pleasure of visiting Broadway, Lake Waccamaw, Western Harnett, and Whiteville. My thanks for their hospitality and time.

Again, the take home message here is thanks for all you do. Thanks especially for being such a consistent force for good. Through declining membership or a difficult economy, you are there, and you are continuing to provide good service. Keep up the great work and contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or needs. I am enjoying our year of service together.

Dr. Randy Kirby
District Governor


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