Quiz – Know Your Measles Facts

Quiz: Know Your (New) Measles Facts

Take this short, 5-question quiz to learn new information about measles eradication efforts around the world and Lions role in the Measles Rubella Initiative. (Answers can be found at the end of the quiz.)

Q1. How much does it cost to contain a measles outbreak in parts of the world where measles has been eliminated, like the United States?

US $5,000 per case of measles
US $18,000 per case of measles
US $33,000 per case of measles
US $42,000 per case of measles

Q2. Measles is extremely infectious. How many people are infected by the measles virus each day?


Q3. How many children did Lions help vaccinate against measles in Nepal in February and March 2012?

1 million
1.8 million

Q4. The Measles Rubella Initiative has helped to increase the proportion of children around the world who have been inoculated against the measles to 85% of all children (vs. only 72% in 2000) and measles related deaths have also decreased. Nevertheless, what number of children still dies each day from measles-related complications?


Q5. True or False? The quickest and easiest way for Lions around the world to be involved in the Measles Rubella Initiative is by making a donation to One Shot, One Life today.

Measles is a viral disease with high human, health, and economic costs, despite the availability of a safe and cost-effective vaccine. Lions and our partners in the Measles Rubella Initiative are working hard to eliminate measles from the planet. To make a donation and save a child from measles, please visit http://www.lcif.org.

Q1 = C (Read more here: Infectious Disease Society of America: https://idsa.confex.com/idsa/2011/webprogram/Paper32925.html)
Q2 = B
Q3 = D (Read more here: http://mydigimag.rrd.com/publication/?i=118591&p=40)
Q4 = B
Q5 = True


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