Happy Holidays

As we enter the holiday season, it’s a time to reflect on many things. Family, friends and the year gone by are my personal favorites. So this Thanksgiving I’ll be asking the children to write down three things that they are thankful for. Here’s my list:
-A happy and healthy life and family
-The opportunity to live and work and serve in peace
-The wonderful Lions of the world, especially, the Lions of district 31F

We’ve had an exciting year here in District 31F. Our last cabinet meeting was especially successful and I would like to thank the Sanford Lions Club for hosting it. We broke new ground by being the first district in North Carolina to make use of electronic media to take care of business requiring a quorum. Next we had a new district project, hunger relief. To review, the four pillars of Lionism are:
-Vision conservation and service to VIPs
-Youth engagement
-Hunger relief
-Environmental conservation

With this project, we have now moved into hunger relief at the district level. I was really proud of the efforts or our Lions as we packaged 10,083 meals for international hunger relief. It was hard and sometimes dirty work, but we made it through together.
Regarding membership, the news just keeps getting better. As I write this, we are +8 for the month and +21 for the year in membership. Our GMT, Gary Greene, has been putting an incredible amount of effort into both our district and the state as a whole. When you add in a potential new cyber club for eye care, a potential club in Spring Lake and all of the clubs that I’ve heard from stating that they are bringing in new members, the future is so bright we should all wear shades!
On another note, redistricting is upon the state. I’ve been asked by a number of members what I thought about redistricting and if they should support it or not. I look at redistricting from four perspectives; international, state, district and club. International has set the numbers for a viable club at 1250 members in not less than 35 clubs. Anything less causes LCI to lose money administering a district. So from the international perspective, it’s a simple monetary equation and they would like for us to redistrict. At the state level, we want to be good stewards of state membership and good administrators of Lionism at the state level. So from a state perspective it becomes less about money and more about doing the right thing. The state perspective is for redistricting. At the district level, many of us perceive ourselves as lions of district 31F. For district 31F to go away is painful on a personal level. Also, a bigger geographic district means more travel for the district governors’ team, but more Lions to draw that leadership from. From a district perspective redistricting is a mix of positive and negative. At the club level, it shouldn’t make much difference what district we are assigned to. Our clubs will continue to do good work, regardless.
Personally, I support redistricting because although it has some negative connotations, it is simply the right thing to do and now is the right time to do it. I have read the redistricting plan in detail, and I am impressed with the effort and detail that went into it. It’s a solid plan.
In November I was able to visit the Vass Lions Club. To let you know how good they’ve got it, I was escorted out by security after dinner. 😉 Also, I was able to knock out my Army Reserve time in Germany this month so that ate up a lot of my time.
Finally and as always, the take home message here is thanks for all you do. Have a wonderful holiday season knowing that you are appreciated by your governor’s team and your district. Keep up the great work and contact me if you have any questions, concerns, or needs. Our year of service together is just getting better and better.
Governor Randy


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